Mysore Practice

Morning practice is performed Mysore Style where the instructor works individually with each student as they move through their practice at a self-led pace.

The Mysore style is meant for all levels of the yoga practice. This style can appear overwhelming at first, but stick with it! You’ll have the one-on-one support of the instructor.


Led Full Primary Series

A led class where the instructor works with students as a group, announcing each pose, counting the breaths, and giving assistance or modifications as needed. The sequence is led through the entire Primary Series sequence of poses and concluded with the traditional finishing poses.


Ashtanga Vinyasa

For those who are newer to Ashtanga or can’t attend every Mysore practice, we offer a Wednesday evening and Friday afternoon class, designed to introduce new students to the Ashtanga method while providing a continued deepening of practice for experienced students.



Combine the benefits of running + yoga with this dual-activity class. As a group, we will run through downtown Toledo in a 3.1--mile course (that can be looped again for a 6.2 mile run) that will be followed by a 30-minute yoga practice, tailored to runners.